Graphic Design

Give your business a consistent voice and professional look online and in print media.

Our Graphic Design Services

Consultation + Design

Graphic design is much more than putting words and pretty pictures together. It is about addressing the unique messaging needs of your business or a given assignment and crafting the best possible solution. Those solutions include branding, rebranding, and the design of print media, websites and social media content.

Print Media

Print media engages on a tactile and physical level. Printed advertising and targeted marketing materials create credibility, can be linked to digital campaigns – and can be kept! tech360 offers design and layout services for:

  • logo and visual identity development; and
  • materials including: business cards, stationery, announcements, brochures, flyers, annual reports, catalogues, newspaper advertisements, signage and banners; and
  • pixelboard designs (a digital medium under the big-board advertising umbrella).


Effective copy is about crafting the right words to say what you mean. We offer:

  • copywriting to craft content in your business’ voice; and
  • copyediting to maintain a consistent presentation; and
  • proofreading to take your content from good to great – and grammatically perfect!

Website Design

A strong and strategic web presence can be a effective marketing asset. A well-designed landing page or full website gives credibility to your online voice and extends your brand. tech360 offers a full range of website design services and cost-conscious, transparent quotes to fit your needs and your budget

Social Media

Social media engagement is the most active way to build your brand, advertise your business, announce events and special offers, increase your website traffic, and connect with new and existing customers. tech360 has effective and economical solutions to help you make your presence known on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Print Portfolio

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